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My Wellness Journey

I started my wellness journey after I had read about fasting. There are many different ways to fast but the basic idea is you do not consume any food sources for a period of time in other words calorie restriction. When you are not eating, your body can focus on burning fat stores or healing. Every time you eat insulin is spiked. Fasting is a good way to focus on blood glucose control.

I originally wanted to lose my baby weight, which is why I started to fast. Every diet I read about seemed to have something about Bone Broth and used it as a meal replacement or as a fasting liquid. Luckily my husband is a chef and made me bone broth, I started eating breakfast at 10:30 and a big lunch at 3:30 then replaced dinner with a warm cup of bone broth. The results were surprising! Bone broth is keto friendly and amazing for your gut health. I had been battling with my hands for a few months – they would seize unexpectedly, even when I was sleeping. I thought I had Carpal tunnel syndrome or Rheumatoid arthritis but I was wrong. After 2 weeks of having bone broth every night, the pain in my hands subsided. It turns out there are a few reasons why your hands can cramp and inflammation is one of them. Using bone broth in your diet is a great way to heal your gut. Another great supplement for cramps is magnesium – take it before you sleep (I find it also gives me vivid dreams) Dehydration is another factor to consider and even bone broth is great for this! Try to replace your coffee with water.

After a month I noticed the weight starting to fall off me and I felt more energetic and that was when I knew that I had found a little business. That was the start of Dr Broth.

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